It’s no secret that the A-list like doing things in style and that’s never more true than when it comes to declarations of love. As Valentine’s day approaches we check out the most over-the-top and romantic gestures of the stars.

Katy Holmes & Tom Cruise
Remember when Tom was so smitten with is new leading lady that he proclaimed his love for her live on the Oprah Winfrey show hopping on and off the couch like a naughty toddler, hugging Oprah and generally making a fool of himself in the name of love before dragging a reluctant Katy on stage for more ritual humiliation? We all cringed, but we have to admit it was romantic. Love makes you do funny things eh?

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett
Never one to do things by halves I Am Legend star Will Smith is reported to have celebrated his wife Jada Pinkett’s birthday by sending her flowers. Okay, so we didn’t think it sounded like a wildly original gesture either until we discovered how many. Not content with a bunch or two he dispatched a whole truckload to his beloved. We just hope she had enough vases. The Fresh Prince also once rented out the entire wine attic of a local restaurant, had it decorated with…yes you’ve guessed it yet more flowers and hired a string quartet to serenade he and his wife while they belatedly celebrated Valentine’s day. What a guy!

Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis
It was love at first sight for the Hollywood hunk and feline-like French chanteuse. Depp has certainly worn his heart on his sleeve in the past – literally when he had the name of his ex girlfriend actress Winona on his arm back when they were together. But for wife Vanessa he went one better than a tawdry tattoo, opting to buy her an entire vineyard in France. We know which we’d prefer. Pass the Chablis!

Katie Price & Peter Andre
They’re no longer an item, but the usually stern faced glamour model revealed her soft romantic side in a last ditch attempt to save her marriage and win Pete back before the divorce proceedings got underway. According to news reports, Katie left Pete an emotional voicemail in which she sang a tearful rendition of the classic love song I Will Always Love You. Sadly though, it wasn’t enough to win back Pete who fortunately for all of us decided to delete the message (phew!) and forge ahead with the divorce. Frankly, having heard Katie’s singing voice, we’re not at all surprised.

Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore
Celebrity cougar couple Ashton and Demi are very keen on social networking and even use their tweets to publicly declare their love for one another. On their fourth wedding anniversary Demi tweeted “I love YOU.” to her young hubby for all the world of twitter to see. Not to be out done Ashton posted a photo of Demi’s delectable derriere with the accompanying comment  “watching my wife steaming my suit while wearing a bikini. I love God!” Talk about bragging!

David & Victoria Beckham
Nothing says I love you like a tattoo. At least that’s the case if you’re David Beckham whose body art is an ever-evolving tribute to his wife and family. Goldenballs has Victoria’s name tattooed in Hindi on his left arm (sadly mispellt, but it’s the though that counts right?), and a six-inch bare-breasted reclining portrait of his Mrs inked on his arm. Not to be outdone, Posh has hubby’s initials tattooed on her wrist. And as if that wasn’t enough the couple have matching Roman numeral tattoos VIII.V.MMVI, which stand for the date of their secret commitment ceremony on March 8, 2006. Aw.

Angelina Jolie & Billy Bob Thornton
Before she met Brad, the young Angelina was married to Hollywood maverick Billy Bob Thornton twenty years her senior. At the ceremony the peculiar couple swapped vials filled with each other’s blood to wear around their necks as a symbol of their love for one another and bought side-by-side grave plots. We’re not sure if that’s romantic or just plain morbid but sadly the relationship wasn’t to last and Jolie was forced to have her tattoo of Billy’s name removed from her arm following their 2004 divorce. Celebs eh?

Heidi Klum & Seal
Who said romance was dead? Singer Seal gave lucky supermodel Heidi Klum the kind of romantic proposal that most women can only dream of. The Kiss From A Rose singer first flew his beloved by private helicopter to the Canadian Rockies where not content with the scenic locale, he had a special igloo for two built especially for them and kitted it out with food, champagne a double bed and rose petals. We can hardly think of a more romantic setting for a proposal!

Pink and Carey Hart
Proving Girl Power is alive and well sassy songstress Pink proposed to her Motocross racing champ boyfriend Carey Heart in 2005 in a most unusual fashion. At one of his races in California she held up a sign asking “Will You Marry Me?” as he drove past the grandstand. Then, the next time he whizzed past he saw that she’d written “I’m serious!” on the other side and swiftly dropped out of the race to run into her arms and accept her wacky races style proposal. Vroom vroom!

Richard & Judy Madely
According to Judy, TV’s reigning smug marrieds still manage keep the romance alive after over 25 years together and still make the effort to be romantic with one another. “One year, Richard made a miniature fountain and put it under the Christmas tree. Inside were two airline tickets to Rome for a long weekend. It was a beautiful trip.” Well done Richard, we must say we’re impressed and intrigued by his fountain making skills.