Would you rather be wooed by Girls Aloud star Nadine Coyle or seduced by sexy singer Andrea Corr? Take our quiz to discover which female Irish celebrity you’re most suited to.

1. Which of these traits do you find most attractive in a woman?
a) Ambitiousness
b) Charisma
c) Exuberance
d) Independence

2. Which of these dates would you most like your dream date to take you on?
a) A spa day
b) A catwalk show
c) A football match
d) A choral music concert

3. What’s your favourite hairstyle on a woman?
a) Shiny, shoulder length and brunette
b) Long, wavey and dark
c) Black, sleek and short
d) Skinhead

4. What body type are you most attracted to?
a) Ultra skinny
b) Slim and trim
c) Petite but curvy
d) Boyish

5. What’s your favourite drink?
a) Champagne
b) Red Wine
c) White Wine
d) Water

6. Which of the following do you most enjoy watching on TV?
a) TV talent shows
b) Arts and crafts shows
c) Chat shows
d) Documentaries

7. Which music style do you most prefer?
a) Pop
b) Folk
c) Easy listening
d) Experimental

8.Which of these entertaining skills do you most appreciate?
a) Being able to sing and dance at the same time.
b) Being able to sing and play piano at the same time.
c) Ballroom dance skills.
d) Being able to play guitar and sing at the same time.

9. You are most impressed by a woman’s…
a) Skin
b) Features
c) Warmth
d) Attitude

10. It’s really important you can do which of these things with your dream date?
a) Go out dancing
b) Share a bath
c) Talk about football
d) Talk about religion

Mostly a’s
Your Irish dream date is…Nadine Coyle

You like your women slim, pretty and ultra glam. That’s why Girls Aloud stunner Nadine Coyle is your perfect match. The time you spend together is likely to be luxurious and indulgent, be it jetting off to some far off exotic location or chilling out over a couples’ massage. Try fattening her up over a romantic dinner for two too. Any skinnier and she’s likely to disappear.

Mostly b’s
Your Irish dream date is…Andrea Corr

Your taste in ladies is commendable if a little conservative. Who wouldn’t be proud to be seen with the lovely raven-haired Irish beauty Andrea Corr on their arm? You’ll be so enthralled by her dulcet tones and accomplished piano playing you’ll never want to leave her side.

Mostly c’s
Your Irish dream date is…Christine Bleakley

Good to know you like a girl with a bit of character. The delightful Miss Bleakley will certainly keep you entertained with her insider celebrity gossip. And it’ll be nice to be able to talk about the beautiful game with a woman who knows her stuff too.

Mostly d’s
Your Irish dream date is…Sinead O’ Connor

With your alternative taste in music and unconventional idea of beauty, your ideal match could only be feisty protest singer Sinead O’Connor. We’re not sure she’ll give you an easy ride though as you’re probably not her type but .we’re sure she’d enjoy an evening of heated debate about, religion and politics with you.