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The traits men and women look for in a partner

The traits men and women look for in a partner

Is what men and women look for in a potential partner really all that different? We canvassed the opinion of both sexes to find out what’s top of their checklist when it comes to dating.

Men on women

Sexy not slutty
“I like a woman to be sexy without being trashy or too obvious about it.”

“Clingyness and neediness are a massive turn off for me. I want to go out with someone who can look after herself but who lets me take the reigns from time to time.”

“A woman who exudes a bit of sophistication and class is always way more attractive than one who wears cheap clothes and jewellery from down the market.”

“The most important quality for me is generosity. I couldn’t go out with someone who was tight.”
– Steve

“At the end of the day, they’ve gotta be a good person at heart. Willing to look after and nuture me. I need to know she’s got the hallmarks of being a good mother to our future kids.”
– Dylan

“Sorry if you think I’m shallow but looks are at the top of my checklist. I have to find a woman physically attractive before I can even think about dating her.”
– Mac

Good cook
“The way to man’s heart is through his belly right? My ideal woman’s got to know her way around a kitchen, you know what I’m sayin’? “
– Jacob

“I need to know that the woman in my life believes in me and will support my decisions all the way.”
– Carl

Fun loving
“Life is short, so the woman in my life has got to love having a laugh and not take life too seriously. Absolutely no nagging or getting too heavy.”

“Brains and beauty please. I can’t abide stupid women no matter how good looking they are. I want to be able to have an intelligent conversation with my life partner as well as finding them gorgeous.”
– Anatol

“Trust is everything in a relationship. Without it there’s no point in even having one.”

Women on men

“I’m looking for a man who’s sensitive enough to understand when I’m feeling low or upset and do nice things to try and help.”

Wealth and status
“Power and money are really important. I can’t be dating no skint dudes. He needs to provide for me and that means being successful.”
– Natalie

“Animal attraction. I can’t put my finger on it, it’s not necessarily good looks, just a raw rugged sex appeal.”
– Becky

A nice body
“A good physique definitely. Strong arms to help carry my shopping home and a six pack for me to ogle!”
– Carole

Good personal hygiene
“I’ll admit, I don’t have particularly high standards, but he’s got to at least shower and brush his teeth regularly!”
– Zarah

“Fancy nights out, candlelit baths and spur of the moment gifts. In other words romantic.”
– Rekha

“To be frank, I’m looking for good husband/father material. He needs to have a nurturing and affectionate personality to look after me and hopefully our offspring.” 
– Jenine

“I want a man who always puts himself second after me! No, but seriously, I think being considerate of others is a hugely desirable trait.”
– Mel

Good manners
“Call me old fashioned, but a good manners and politeness go a long way in my book. If he holds open doors for you, and looks out for his mum, you’re probably on to a good thing.”
– Jean

“I like a man who’s knowledgable without being a know-it-all.”
– Jules

Good listener
“So many blokes do all the talking and not enough listening. He’s got to be a good listener for him to be in with a chance with me.”
– Sylvie

“My one major critieria is a good sense of humour. You’ve got to find the same things funny and be able to have a good giggle over even the stupidest of things.” 
– Bea


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