When you’re starting to date, it’s important that your values and outlook on life align. If you practise Catholicism or are interested in dating Catholic people, you may want to meet singles who share your values. Match is here to help! With smart filters and preference settings, you can find someone who will either share or empathise with your religious commitments, as well as appreciating you for who you are and sharing something special together. Here on our Catholic dating site, you can register for free, set up your profile and start browsing profiles of Catholic singles near you today.

How Can Match Help You With Your Catholic Dating Journey?

Our intelligent search filters allow you to look at the profiles of serious singles based on their interests and faith – you can even search for the extent they practise their religion! There are other important personality traits you can look for too, including music taste, their favourite sports team or even if they have pets or not, all so you can find someone special and start something real.

If you join Match, you’ll also get the benefits of our Match nights and events, full use of our mobile app and have access to all the advice on our dating advice page to help you get the full Catholic dating site experience .

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A Word of Advice for Catholic Men

So, you’re a practising Catholic man who is looking to start dating. Look no further than Match! Our expert advice will help you along the way. Here are some key tips for Catholic dating in Ireland:

  • Get to know each other before dating – Using Match, you can message people you are interested in and get to know each other a little. Using this time to talk about your expectations (without piling too much pressure on!) or just what they love to do in their free time is a great way to make a connection.
  • Tailor your search – With filters and the ability to search for profiles based on their preferences, there’s no easier way to meet someone who mirrors your values.
  • Fit dating around your schedule – It can be hard if you’re a committed Catholic to fit dating around your church schedule and commitments or your special someone’s, but it’s important that the person you are interested in understands your dedication to your beliefs as well as your dedication to each other.
  • Be honest – Trying to hide or minimise your beliefs for someone else is never a good sign; you should embrace your beliefs and be honest if you’re ready to start something special.
  • Take things slowly – Take your time and speak to the person you’re interested in. Finding someone who aligns with your outlook on life is the most important thing when you’re Catholic dating in Ireland, whether they share your religion or not.
  • Enjoy yourself – The most important advice of all! Dating should be fun, and it’s fundamental to enjoy the experience. Whether it works out or not, every date brings you a little bit closer to someone who really suits you.
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Not to Forget Some Tips for the Catholic Ladies

It can be difficult as a practising Catholic woman to figure out whether someone is genuinely interested in you or if they are looking for a quick hookup. We have plenty of advice :

  • Don’t be too hasty – Holding back and getting to know someone is the best part of dating! Messaging and taking the time to see if someone really suits you before you meet in person is a great way to filter out people who aren’t right for you.
  • Being open is fundamental – Statistically, Christians use dating sites for years before finding their ideal match. It can be helpful to revise your expectations and think about the qualities you’d like in your special someone other than their religion.
  • Talk about things – Even if it’s difficult, talking about the more fine points of your expectations aids in the betterment of your Catholic dating journey.
  • Distance is no obstacle – With advances in online dating, there’s no reason you need to start dating someone down the road from you. You can date people from all over Ireland and find a truly diverse group of people who share your interests and ideals.
  • Try not to be too serious too quickly – When you fancy someone, it can be tempting to think they are your whole world! But it pays to keep things simple until you feel comfortable having conversations about commitment.
  • Write down some thoughtful date night ideas – This is a cute way to make sure you never run out of date ideas! Putting them into a jar and pulling one out every date night is a great means of keeping things exciting well into the future.
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Love Your Catholic Dating Agency Experience With Match

If you’re ready to start your Catholic dating journey, why not register for free on Match today? You’ll have the chance to set up your profile and get browsing through our singles without needing to share any payment card details. Search for people who fit your interests and, with a bit of luck, you’ll soon be getting to know someone who really suits you.

Who knows, perhaps you and your ideal match will soon be one of the real stories we’re proud to share on our website. Happy dating!