Would you like to be swept off your feet by Cillian Murphy or spend the night bar-hopping with Colin Farrell? Take our quiz to discover which Irish celebrity you’re most suited to…

1. Which of these traits do you find most attractive in a man?
a) Arrogance
b) Eloquence
c) Confidence
d) Effervescence

2. Which of these dates would you most like to be taken on?
a) A stadium rock gig
b) Hill walking
c) Night clubbing
d) Crazy golfing

3. You prefer men who…
a) Wear dark glasses
b) Have blue eyes
c) Have stubble
d) Have big hair

4. What body type are you most attracted to?
a) Stout
b) Sinewy
c) Lean
d) Skinny

5. What’s your favourite drink?
a) Jack Daniels
b) Wine
c) Guinness
d) Fizzy pop

6. Which of the following do you most enjoy watching on television?
a) News at 10
b) Period drama
c) Scrubs
d) X Factor

7. Which form of entertainment really floats your boat?
a) Rock music
b) Arty films
c) Action movies
d) Pop music

8.You like a man who…
a) Does his bit for charity
b) Appreciates nature
c) Knows how to party
d) Can be silly

9. You are most impressed by a man’s…
a) Wisdom and sincerity
b) Kindness and fine features
c) Good looks and charm
d) Happy-go-lucky nature

10. It’s really important you can do which of these things with your man?
a) Talk about world politics
b) Discuss art and literature
c) Get drunk and party until the small hours
d) Have a good giggle

Mostly a’s
Your Irish dream date is…Bono

A strong social conscience and keen interest in current affairs is important to you which makes rock star Bono your ideal match. You’ll love the fact he isn’t afraid to speak his mind. In fact, you could listen to him espousing his views on third world debt and the uprising in the Middle East for hours. Perhaps he might even pen you a song or two about it.

Mostly b’s
Your Irish dream date is…Cillian Murphy

Blue eyes, dark hair and amazing bone structure. We’re not surprised you’ve picked Cillian’s as your handsome prince. Good looking, strong and sensitive with a solid work ethic and a love of the great outdoors. We think you two will get along just fine… although his wife might just have something to say about it.

Mostly c’s
Your Irish dream date is…Colin Farrell

With his rugged good looks and hot Hollywood career, we can see why a man like Colin would float your boat. Your mutual love of swanky parties and boozy late nights means you’ll have no trouble keeping up with the Farellster’s playboy lifestyle, but whether you’d ever be able to tame the notorious ladies man remains to be seen. Take care, it could just be a one night stand.

Mostly d’s
Your Irish dream date is…Jedward

Oh dear, it seems your dating criteria list has suffered a malfunction. You’d certainly have a good giggle with these two cheeky fellas but their effervescent nature and silly sense of humour might start to grate on your after a while… say five minutes. Plus of course, if things worked out, you’d have to pick just one. Avoid.