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What’s your party style?

What's your party style?

Some of us see the party season as a social assault course, full of potential blunders and blushes. Others breeze through it, partying every night until dawn, flirting like a virtuoso and never even getting a hangover.
Are you a party pro or a party pooper? And what does it mean for your love life? Take our quiz to find out.

1. When you arrive at a party, what’s your first move?
a. Pick up a drink and get mingling.
b. Target the best-connected people in the room.
c. To the bar.
d. Work out how to slip away unnoticed.

2. A good mate is planning a house party. You:
a. Offer to DJ, and order crates of beer as a pressie.
b. Decline when you realise that it’s on a work night.
c. Decide to squeeze it in between the two other parties you’ve got planned for that night.
d. Invent an excuse to get out of it. You’d rather catch up with your friend alone.

3. Your office announces a party at a posh local hotel. Your first thought is:
a. Fantastic idea. If only you could bring your friends!
b. How to engineer a meeting with the managing director over the canapes.
c. Free champagne!
d. How can I get out of it?

4. How do you decide what to wear to a party?

a. You wear this season’s key outfit, jazzed up with vintage accessories.
b. You wear work clothes, with an extra accessory or two.
c. You wear as little as possible.
d. You’re too busy thinking about how to avoid going.

5. A gorgeous stranger offers to buy you a drink. You:
a. Chat for a while in your own sparkly way, then get their number before going off to mingle again.
b. Talk for a bit to suss out their professional status.
c. Ask them if they’re your Christmas present, and take them home for coffee. (That’s coffee as in “coffee”…)
d. Say thanks, and silently continue people-watching.

6. You’re dancing drunkenly at the office party, when you notice your boss in front of you. You:
a. Ask how he’s enjoying the party.
b. Sober up immediately and pitch a business idea.
c. Bump and grind against his thigh.
d. Wake up in a cold sweat. It was a dream, of course.

7. Your memories of school discos involve:
a. Perfecting the latest dance craze with your mates in the middle of the floor.
b. Chatting with the cool young teachers who came along to help out.
c. Drunken fumbles behind the bike sheds.
d. Being too shy to dance, and wishing it would all end.

8. The best thing about Christmas is:
a. Parties!
b. The chance to work alone in the office while everyone’s away.
c. Being extremely naughty without anyone noticing.
d. Cocooning at home alone.

9. The worst thing about Christmas is:
a. The weather.
b. No-one answers their office phones.
c. Family visits.
d. Parties and other forms of enforced merriment.

10. The morning after the party before, you’re likely to be found:
a. Having a lie-in. Sometimes alone, sometimes not.
b. At work, mainlining espresso.
c. Face-down, somewhere you shouldn’t be.
d. Going for a run, tidying the house and reading the papers.
What your answers mean…

Mostly A: You’re a party star
You’re the star at the top of the Christmas party tree. Like a cross between Kate Moss and Santa’s little helper, you’re the perfect guest: popular, energetic and enthusiastic.
This is all great news for your social life, but it could spell trouble for your love life if your other half doesn’t share your love for parties. If they’re a stay-at-home type and you’re always on the go, they may start to feel sidelined.

Mostly B: You’re a networking addict
For you, parties are an extension of work – even if they’re not your own office party.
Networking is a useful skill in the modern world. But you mustn’t allow your obsessions with career and contacts to dominate your social life.
In fact, you may be doing your career more harm than good. You’re in danger of alienating your colleagues. If you break your habit of talking shop, people will respect you more for being a well-rounded individual.

Mostly C: You’re a party pooper
You’re the silent people-watcher who nurses one drink all night… if you can be dragged to the party in the first place.
Your wallflower habits do you no favours socially or romantically. You may even damage your work prospects by avoiding the office party. Make the effort to turn up and chat, even if it’s for a couple of hours. It’s not so hard once you get started.
Also remember that playing hard to get doesn’t work. It’s not cool to be the silent shadow in the corner. People are interested in people who are interested in them.

Mostly D: You’re a party animal
You see Christmas as an excuse to drink yourself unconscious and misbehave with whichever member of the opposite sex wanders past.
Hard partying may be fun at the time, but you can’t remember much afterwards. If you do manage to attract someone enough to get them home, don’t expect them to stay past breakfast.
Party animal hijinks are especially daft at an office party, which are basically business occasions. Know your limits, and don’t be a Yule fool.

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