If you’re interested in dating someone from a different race, Match can help you start your interracial dating journey.

Is Match the Interracial Dating Site for Me?

The opportunity to get to know someone new and interesting is one of the best things about dating!

We know how important it is to make sure you’re meeting the right people when you’re starting your interracial dating journey. So far, we’ve helped 1.6 million people meet their partner in Ireland,* so we know it’s crucial that you’re talking to like-minded people!

What’s better, setting up your profile with Match is free! Using our comprehensive profile setup, which only takes five minutes, we can identify key factors to match you with like-minded singles who are searching for the same important things you’re looking for.

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Interracial Dating Dos

  • Be open-minded – Allowing pre-held beliefs to get in the way of meeting someone new is ridiculous! Opening your mind – and schedule – to someone who may have been raised in a different culture to you is interesting and totally worthwhile.
  • Question yourself and your beliefs – If you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Thinking about your own relationship with your race is the first place to start when you’re considering using an interracial dating site.
  • Be considerate, kind and respectful – A ground rule when you’re dating anyone, hopefully! Here at Match, we are all about making sure you have a fun and safe dating experience and that you treat others in the same way.
  • Date the person, not the race – Don’t treat anyone like they’re another box checked on a list. It’s not just incredibly demeaning but it also shows that you don’t have the maturity to appreciate that personhood is more important than race. The key is getting to know a person, not an idea.
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The Don’ts of Using an Interracial Dating Site

  • Be a secret – because you’re better than that.
  • Date fetishists – Someone who makes too many comments about your skin tone or compares you to food (why do people do that?) may not have your best dating interests at heart. Beware the fetishist! Remember, your special someone should be a person who makes you feel comfortable.
  • Spring your partner on your family – So, you’re a family person who wants to introduce the person you’re dating to your family ASAP – great! Only… that’s a big deal for some people. It’s important to communicate and not spring up a racist aunt out of nowhere.
  • Listen to people who want to get involved in your dating life – Everyone has an opinion, right? Well, sometimes people who aren’t as open-minded or don’t understand basic human interaction are the ones shouting the loudest. Blocking out the negativity is easier said than done, but it is worthwhile. Save your own happiness and let the opinions of others rest!
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Staying Safe Whilst Interracial Dating in Ireland

You should always be in control of your dating experience. We believe there are some simple ways to stay safe whilst using interracial dating sites, such as:

  • Be in control of your dating experience – If there’s someone you’re unsure about, let us know right away. With a reporting system designed to resolve issues as quickly as possible and a dedicated customer service team, we are here to help you feel at ease on Match.
  • Get to know your match – Take things at your own pace. You don’t need to rush into an in-person date (if we’ve learned anything over the lockdowns, it’s patience), so just enjoy getting to know each other!
  • Recognise the warning signs – Someone saying they love you before you’ve met? Asking for your bank details? Avoiding giving any information about themselves? Those are all red flags – if they wouldn’t do it in person, don’t accept it online.
  • Be date-smart – Going on that first date is really exciting! But, you should always try to stay safe when meeting in person too. Go for dates in public – somewhere that makes you feel secure, don’t get picked up from your house, and tell someone where you’re going (we’d recommend sharing your live location!).
  • Trust your instincts – If someone seems sketchy, report them to Match. Interracial dating in Ireland can be fun and enjoyable, but remember to be smart and keep your wits about you.
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Happy Dating!

There’s no time like the present to start having fun, new experiences and begin your interracial dating journey today.

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