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Biggest turn-offs for men revealed

Biggest turn-offs for men revealed

Turn-offs for men

Hairiness – sorry ladies, call us unreconstructed if you must, but we draw the line at hairy legs, armpits and unkempt lady parts.

Ex-talk – we don’t care if he was God’s gift or Dr Evil, we don’t wanna hear endless stories about him. Geddit?

Clingyness – don’t get us wrong, we like to feel wanted, but independence is actually a huge turn on in a woman. Phone calls every five minutes and a constant need for reassurance on the other hand is guaranteed to do our heads in.

Obsessing about your weight – we’re glad you take pride in your appearance and we love you and your womanly curves, but don’t ask us if we think you look fat in that dress and then accuse us of lying if we say no.

Trying to define the relationship too early – asking ‘Where is this relationship going?’ after the first date is a total passion killer. Give us a chance and we might just give you the moon on a stick, but it ain’t gonna happen if you’re holding a gun to our head.

Baby talk – yes, we know you’re body clock is tick-tock-ticking, but don’t try and hustle us into fatherhood before we’re ready.

Wardrobe wars – when we said you could have some drawer space and a couple of hangers to keep your stuff on, that’s what we meant. So how come three quarters of our cupboard space is full of your dresses?

Your stray hairs – they’re everywhere, clogging up the sink, stuck to the carpet, all over the pillows, tangled in the hoover. It’s REALLY annoying.

‘Borrowing’ our clothes – we agree you look hot in that T shirt but we never said you could keep it and it happens to be our favourite so give it back.

Vanity –what’s with the twenty minute long toilet breaks? Take it from us, your make-up looks fine so stop nipping off to the bathroom for a touch-up. There’s some touching up of our own we’d like to get on with and it’s way more fun.

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