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The worst things women say to men

The worst things women say to men

The awful thing about early-date nerves is that it can turn your brain into mush. Worse yet, the more you like your date, the more eager you are to come across cool, calm and collected and the more likely it seems to be that you’ll slip up at some point in the old chit-chat stakes.
In any ordinary circumstance it is easy enough to access the rules of social etiquette that help you get by, but cut to the nerve-ridden date scene and faux pas are a-flowing.
Whether you’ve been on the receiving end of ill-advised banter, or you’re guilty of blurting out the Freudian slips yourself, here’s the worst of what real-life daters have dished out and got back.

“I had to give up ballet dancing because my boobs were too big.”

“I like you. You remind me of my dad.”

“I know that every man I meet wants to sleep with me.”

“I cheated on my ex, it wasn’t really working anyway.”

“I’d love to take you shopping. Project!”

“Have you ever considered shaving off your beard?”

“I used to be a model. When I was 12.”

“Men always talk to my breasts.”

“Absolutely nothing gets in the way of Corrie. Ever.”

“I don’t have any male friends. They always end up falling in love with me.”

“I don’t have any female friends. They always end up jealous of me.”

“So your brother is the brainy one of the family by the sounds of it?”

“Are you wearing mascara?”

“I haven’t really got time to waste on frivolous dating – the old body clock’s ticking away.”

“I’m a very emotionally open person and men often feel challenged by that.”

“Looks used to be really important to me, but I’m trying to force myself to be less picky. This date marks the beginning of the new me!”

“I think your dad was flirting with me.”

“Dinner? Can we just make it drinks? I don’t really like eating in front of people.”

“Funny, I had you down as a good dancer!”

“Haven’t had my moustache done in ages, but you can’t tell can you?”

“My dad says The Queen’s Head is better for a more cosy and intimate evening, let’s go there”

“Do you mind if we sit near the loo?”

“So…am I as fit as you remember?”

“Men always think I’m flirting with them when I’m honestly not – it gets me into real trouble.”

I’d honestly rather you didn’t comment on my appearance if you don’t mind. I’m always suspicious of a man who pays me a compliment.”

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