1. Love at first sight…
a. Happens all the time.
b. Is an unusual occurrence that can feel magical if it’s mutual.
c. Is nonsense. Lust at first sight, yes – but love it ain’t.

2. Your sister says she’s met her soulmate, and insists that she and her boyfriend were “meant to be”. What do you think?
a. It’s fate. They were born to be together, and they were always meant to meet.
b. You’re delighted that they’re madly in love – it gives you hope for your own love life!
c. You worry about her. If she thinks this guy is the one and only man for her, she’ll be totally destroyed when they break up.

3. You recently started seeing someone and you want to woo them with a gift. You…
a. Text them: “you + passport -> St Pancras, 5.30 sharp” and whisk them off for a weekend in Paris that’s cost you more than you earn in a month.
b.  Buy a DVD box set of their favourite telly programme and leave it in their fridge.
c. Scrap the idea immediately. Buying gifts makes you look needy.

4. Where would you most like to have dinner with a new date?
a. In a pod on the London Eye.
b. A posh candle-lit restaurant.
c. The local curry house.

5. What does “romance” mean to you?
a. It’s a celebration of fate bringing two souls together.
b. Candles and champagne. Ideally followed by lots of sex.
c. Barbara Cartland trash for gullible saddoes.

6. Your first kiss…
a. Will stay in your memory forever. You often wonder what that person is doing now, and how often they think of you.
b. Was rubbish, but you were both 11 at the time.
c. Must have happened at some point.

7. When a relationship ends, what do you do with all the ticket stubs, letters and token gifts that remind you of your ex?
a. You keep them in a special box, never to be thrown away.
b. You keep a few ticket stubs that remind you of fun times, and chuck the rest away.
c. You threw them all away long before you split. Why keep a ticket stub after the concert? It’s just a bit of paper.

8. One day you find a lost Scrabble letter in the street. It’s the letter “L”. You think…
a. Hmm, not sure I’d like my true love to be called Laurence, but it must be a sign…
b. You used to love playing Scrabble with your ex.
c. A litterbug Scrabble player, whatever next?

9. Which song makes you think of your ex?
a. My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion.
b. Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye.
c. Love In An Elevator by Aerosmith.
What your answers mean…

Mostly A: Romance and fate are everything
Wow, I envy you. It must feel great to have such faith in fate, which you believe will bring you and your perfect partner together. Dumping someone goes against your romantic grain, because if you’re dating you tend to believe that you’re in it for keeps. So you’re usually the one who gets dumped, and you feel the pain viciously – but you always dry your tears and bounce back, telling yourself that “it wasn’t meant to be” and that your soulmate is still out there.
Be warned, though: many lovers will be scared silly by your romantic approach. Whispering the “L” word too soon, or showering someone with expensive gifts, may seem needy and clingy. Remember that there’s more to life than love. By falling head over heels for everyone you date, you’re in danger of getting hurt repeatedly or putting up with someone who’s not right for you. Try looking after number one a bit more.

Mostly B: Your heart and your head are in tune
You’re a rational soul, but you do get a buzz from the romantic side of relationships. You certainly don’t believe that fate will bring you and your beloved together, but when you’re going out with someone you enjoy buying gifts, having candlelit dinners, keeping mementoes – and you relish the feeling of being in love (and being loved). You’re a pragmatic type, and you have a sneaking respect for people who believe in true love. You wouldn’t burst a friend’s bubble if he or she insisted that they’ve found “the one”, and sometimes you secretly wonder if it might happen to you one day – not that you’d ever admit it.

Mostly C: Romance is dead – wake up and smell the coffee, baby!

Get you, captain logical! To you, “fate” is a daft and demented concept that stops people taking responsibility for their lives. What’s more, Valentine’s Day is the very saddest bastion of capitalism, and public displays of affection are just embarrassing. That’s not to say you can’t feel love just as much as your fluffier peers. You’re just more private about your emotions, and you don’t mistake gestures for feelings. You also hurt like hell when things don’t work out, but you learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them in future. On the downside, you might put off potential partners or hurt current ones by dismissing their romantic gestures as “silly” – people enjoy romance and derive excitement and comfort from it. All due respect for your practical attitude, but accept that other people may not always share it.