By Jane Hoskyn
On the face of it, winter is leagues behind summer in the romance stakes. It’s too cold and dark for picnics, country walks or skinny dipping. And you’d have to be a brave girl indeed to attempt outdoor sex in sub-zero temperatures.
But the colder months are full of ways to turn up the romantic heat. Here are 15 of our favourites.

1. Dance on ice
Outdoor ice skating is glamorous, graceful, seductive… unless you’re a mere mortal, in which case it’s cold, clumsy and likely to end in a bruised bum. But you and your man will cling to each other and laugh your lungs dry as you try getting round in one piece.

2. Hunt-a-ghost
Ghost-hunting tours are springing up all over the place. What better excuse to bury your face in your boyfriend’s chest?

3. Have a night at the museum
Many museums and galleries hold special adults-only late nights, allowing you to browse in peace after work.

4. Raise a cold beer
German beer festivals are fast becoming a popular way to enjoy new beers and have a laugh. Clink your giant glasses and, if you’re brave, dance on the wooden tables.

5. Get a room
Dirty weekends are why winter was invented. Book a room in a seaside hotel and lock yourselves in until check-out time. If you get cabin fever, stroll along the deserted beach and feast on roasted chestnuts.

6. Massage for two
A rub-down is guaranteed to get the blood flowing through your chilly bits. A couples massage session will also teach you some moves to try out in private.

7. Sample the wine
A wine-tasting session allows you to stay indoors, have a drink (or 10) and learn something. Giggles guaranteed.

8. Binge on DVDs
Winter weather is an excellent excuse to kick off your shoes and snuggle into the sofa for a popcorn binge and a movie marathon. Don’t blame us if your wandering hands make you miss all the good bits.

9. Shop ‘til you drop
Winter adds a romantic sparkle to window shopping. Wrap up warm, snuggle close whilst casually browsing the shops – a great way to get to know each other better.

10. Have extra ice with your vodka
Judging by the popularity of ice bars, whose indoor temperatures would make a penguin shiver, you really can have fun at five degrees below zero.

11. Go tropical
Get out of the cold and into an indoor winter garden, where the temperature is perfect for exotic flowers… such as yourself.

12. Have a coffee shop picnic
Happiness is vegging on a coffee shop sofa with your bloke, a supersize latte and the papers. Easy like Sunday morning after a sexy Saturday night.

13. Catch an afternoon movie
Avoid the evening crowds and enjoy a movie matinee. Max out the romance by choosing an independent cinema that serves coffee and cake.