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Why do I have to authenticate myself to complete my purchase?

The Payment Directive 2 (PSD2) introduced by the European Union came into force in May 2021 ➔ the aim is to minimize fraud attempts and to improve the security of payment services

To complete your future purchases, you will be obliged to authenticate your payments on the site with your bank. This operation is valid for all purchases made on the Match site by credit card and on the iTunes application.

  1. First, make sure you have downloaded your bank’s application and authorized the notifications from this application.
  2. Once your bank details have been filled in and validated on the Match purchase page, follow the authentication instructions from your bank.
  3. For most members, you should receive a notification from your bank application: Click on it to validate your purchase or launch your bank application if the notification does not appear,
  4. Then return to Match to finalize your purchase and start enjoying our services.

! Please note:
if you close the bank authentication window without validating and return to the purchase page to make your payment, your payment will not be finalized.

! Please note: if your bank card expires and you are asked to update this information, you will also be asked to authenticate; no charges will be made to your account during this operation.

If you have any problems validating your payment on the banking application

  • Contact your bank
  • Try another payment method available on the site, such as Paypal
  • Make your purchase on another device > Bank authentication can be more fluid when paying on a computer than on a mobile phone.
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