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Frequently asked questions

I have unsubscribed but I am still paying. What's going on?

😬 There are a couple of reasons why this may happen:

You chose to suspend your profile. Suspending your profile does not cancel your renewal; your subscription remains active and continues to be renewed until you cancel it.

Your cancellation didn't go through fully. If you did not receive a confirmation email, it's likely that this is the case.
➔ Please try again, or reach out to our Customer care team 💌.

You may have another profile. For example on our sister site MatchAffinity

Why do I have several payments been debited from my account?

This can happen, depending on the subscription packages and options you have subscribed to. In order to personalize and improve your searches and exchanges, we offer you several options following subscription.

➔ If you have any doubts about your payments, you can consult the information about your subscription and your payments by logging on to your computer in the My account settings section.
If you are using a computer click here.
If you are using mobile click here.

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