If you’re single and looking for love, the thing most often on your mind is probably dating. Donegal has a reputation for being a place of ‘mad craic’, somewhere where you can bump into a stranger on a night out and make them your new best friend. But we can be a difficult county to meet new people in too. Dating in Donegal often means being stuck with the same people you’ve always known. Whether in your lifelong friend group, sports team or work buddies, it’s hard to break out of the people you already know and find a guy or girl who’ll last.

Even if you find someone, it can be hard getting up the nerve to approach them. If they’re a complete stranger, it can be downright scary. What do you say? How do you look? When do you buy them a drink? How do you know if they even want to talk? There are so many potential pitfalls involved in dating.

Where to find singles in Donegal

Our dating site in Donegal is the answer to all these problems. We at Match have designed a unique blend of careful moderation with informal fun to ensure you can stay safe, but also get those sparks flying. With all profiles carefully moderated and data under strict protection, you can use our platform with peace of mind. Our regular Match nights bring fun and spontaneity into dating, as Donegal people gather at our specialised events to meet singles.

But the search for a partner isn’t taken completely out of your hands. In dating, Donegal prioritises individual choices and preferences, and so do we. Users can manually search through and sort profiles themselves as well, using everything from hobbies to religious beliefs in order to find the profile perfect for them. We make dating in Donegal as easy as the press of a button.

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Date ideas in Donegal

Once you find that special someone on Match, you’ll need to decide what kind of first date you’re going to have. Thankfully, dating in Donegal is a buffet of choices for romance.

Looking for a drink and some craic while you’re dating? Donegal has plenty of watering holes for you to check out. The Olde Castle Bar is one of the oldest spots in the city, and offers grub to die for as well as a wide array of drinks. If you want something more substantial, The Forge Bar has incredible meals in an old-world, classy atmosphere.

But what if you want a more unconventional approach to dating? Donegal offers tons of things to do that are off the beaten path. Doe Castle features some of the oldest sites in Donegal, as well as an affordable, fully guided tour. Head there and admire its history together. Or take in some natural beauty at Glenveagh National Park as you get to know each other.

Dating in Donegal means having tons of choices for where to go and what to do.

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Best activities for singles in Donegal

But where does a single person go in Donegal to find dates? Unfortunately, that’s a harder question to answer. With people increasingly focused on careers and friendships, it can be harder to go to a bar or club and be sure to find someone intriguing. That’s why Match offers dedicated speed dating events in Donegal and around Ireland. At these, you can be sure to be surrounded with singles just as interested in finding a date as you. Keep an eye on the Match website to know when the next one is coming up. Better yet, sign up now, and have tons of singles near you available at the press of a button.