By Steve Bowden

Here are nine things that we men search for in a woman when we look to make the dream date a reality.

1. She takes an interest in her date.
No, she doesn’t have to pretend to be enthralled when some train-spotter tells her about his stamp collection. But if she weren’t curious about you in the first place, she wouldn’t have agreed to go out with you for the evening. 

2. We want adventure!
We don’t want to go to the cinema or go for romantic dinners all the time. You don’t get to talk or learn anything about your date that way. The perfect date’s willing to try roller blading for the first time, or a take a balloon ride or a sailing lesson or anything out of the ordinary.

3. Women are constantly thinking about the future
So you’re always being judged while you’re on a date. That’s okay, so long as this judgement is strictly an internal process. Questions like, “Don’t you think you should be more ambitious?” should not be asked of you.

4. Touch me!
If a guy is interested in a woman, he wants to be touched. She’ll slap us when we say something funny or tap our arm to make a point. Every touch can be like a small electric jolt.

5. Clothing.
Good presentation can make or break the date.

6.  The Ex
The date is entirely free of the one subject we hate most: her ex-boyfriends.

7.  Our interests
 The perfect date is tolerant of our love of watching old episodes of Men Behaving Badly back to back on UK Gold.

8.  Eye Contact
 When talking to us, from time to time she holds our gaze just a little too long, as if she’s planning to eat us for dessert.

9.  Reality
 The interesting woman, who thinks there’s more to film than romantic comedies, more to books than self help, and more to life than sitting around, waiting for things to happen.