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Frequently asked questions

How does photo verification work?

Photo verification allows you to have your profile verified by sending a simple selfie 🤳

Photo verification uses facial recognition technology to make sure you are the real you by comparing your facial geometry in your selfie and your photos in your profile.

Here's how it works:

  1. Selfie verification
    We scan your face to confirm your selfie is a photo of a real, live person and has not been digitally altered or manipulated.
  2. Comparison of your selfie verification with your Match photos
    If the facial geometry in your selfies and your photos matches, then💥 your profile is verified! A verification badge will appear on your profile so everyone can see you're who you say you are.

How does Match use selfie information?
We only use selfie and facial recognition information to verify you are the same person in your profile pictures and your selfie.

What information will be retained once the verification is complete?After the verification, we will delete your selfie or your facial biometric information within 24 hours after the verification. We will simply store your consent to the verification.

Under what legal authority / legal basis do you process photo verification information?
We only process Selfie Verification information based on your consent.

What is Match's Policy on Retention and Destruction of Biometric Information?

  • Retention
    Biometric facial geometry information which allows us to perform facial recognition and verify your profile photos, is created and retained only with your consent for the duration of the photo verification process. Please note the verification process may take up to 24 hours. Once your verification is complete, we will delete your biometric information.
  • Destruction
    When we delete your biometric information at the end of the verification process, it will be permanently purged from the system and cannot be recovered.

How can I find out more about Match's data practices?
See our Privacy Policy to learn more about our privacy practices, including your rights.

If you have any more questions about the photo verification process, please contact the Customer Care team 💌.

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