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Does Match use automated individual decision-making and profiling?

Automated individual decision-making and profiling are invisible features at the heart of the services you know and love. They allow us to improve our services and we would not be able to offer you interesting profiles without them.
We use these features for a couple of reasons:

To help you connect with other users

  • We use the information you provide us with (for example, your gender and age) and the information we collect when you use Match (like your activity on Match and your location, if you share it with us) to feed our proprietary algorithm and recommend people who you might be interested in.
  • We use the same process to recommend you to other users. Elements such as you ethnic origin, your income and your religious beliefs are not taken into account by our algorithm. But you can of course use the search options on Match to filter the profiles offered to you.

To show you advertisements and offers that might interest you

  • We use this personal information to show you relevant and useful ads both within our field and outside of it and to measure their effectiveness. In addition to that we also use it to create personalized offers for you.

To promote safety

  • We use automated decision making and profiling as part of our moderation toolbox (to delete bots, for example) to ensure the safety of our users and to take quicker and more effective action against any illegal or unwanted behaviour.
  • Those who engage in illegal or unwanted behavior on Match may suffer penalties that can go as far as the suspension or closure of their account, in tandem with other types of legal action.
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