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How can I swap from searching for women to searching for men (or vice versa)?

Maybe you clicked the wrong button, maybe you've just decided to try something new. Whatever the reason you want to change your search gender, we'll be happy to help!

You can't currently change the gender you're looking for in your profile's settings. Here is what you'll need to do.

1. Log into your account from a computer.

  • Access the My Account Settings > Click Suspend your account. Confirm your request > To cancel your account, click here
    Or click here.
  • It will disappear within 24 hours.


2. After that, you can use your original email address to create a new profile.

If you've already taken out a subscription on your old account, we'll be happy to transfer any balance to your new one. Once you've created your new profile, contact Customer Care 💌 with the following details:

  • The email address linked to your old account and the one you're using for your new account (if they are different)
  • Your new customer number, which you can find in My account settings
    If you are using a computer click here.
    If you are using mobile click here.

As soon as your new profile is up and running, you'll be one step closer to finding someone special!

Mobile and APP:

You cannot delete or suspend your profile from the mobile or App.

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