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What are Audio prompts and the Hello Love game?

The voice prompt 🎧 is a new way to show your real personality and distinguish yourself

  • It’s only possible to have one voice prompt at a time, but you can change this prompt as often as you like.
  • Voice prompt is optional, but it is a good way to distinguish yourself and show your full personality. What’s the worst that could happen?

How to add a Voice prompt

  1. Click on Edit my profile > My voice.
  2. Click on the Describe your personality using your voice window > choose a topic from the list.
  3. Press 🎙️ to record your voice. To confirm click OK.
  4. Your audio can be checked by our moderation team and will be displayed on your profile when they have approved it.

Your voice will also be used to power the Hello Love audio game.


The Hello Love audio game is a new way to discover singles

By guessing which voice belongs to which profile using the Audio prompts.

To play : Go to the shuffle or the Discovery session > Press to listen and guess whose voice it is.

The Hello Love audio game is available on Desktop, mobile and IOS.

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