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Frequently asked questions

Why aren't you showing me the right members?

I'm not seeing members matching my search criteria.

When you search on Match we'll show you two types of results:

  • Singles who meet your search criteria
  • Singles who are interested in your profile (even if they do not match your criteria)

So, if you don't see these members, it can have several reasons :

  1. Your search is too precise : There may not be enough people who meet all your criteria for us to show you enough results.
    ➔ In this case, we will offer you profiles that match some of your criteria, but not always all of them.
  2. The members suggested are singles attracted by your profile : or they have selected criteria which include you.
    ➔ Check out the suggestions in the Discover and Search menus, on all mobile devices and from a computer.


Why am I always seeing the same faces?


If you search from the same location and your search criteria don't change, you will continue to see the same people (as well as anyone who has signed up or moved into your area).

To mix it up a bit, here are a couple of things you can try:

  1. Changing your preferences in Search you can filter by all kinds of criteria, including appearance and interests.
  2. Widening your search radius to search a wider area.

It's also worth checking the preferences you've entered in My profile, as this influences who we pick out for you in our daily selections.
If you are using a computer click here.
If you are using a mobile click here.

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