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Safety advice Match's guide to meeting and getting to know people without any issues
  • Key advice

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  • Keeping your account safe

    Your account is personal - protect it Read more
  • Taking the time to get to know each other

    Don't rush Read more
  • Reporting cyber-harassment

    Is a user making you feel uncomfortable? Let us know Read more
  • Avoiding potential scams

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  • Enjoying your date

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  • Starting a relationship

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Tools for your safety Match tools you can use to take action if you run into any problems
  • Verify the authenticity of a profile

    What does the blue badge on some profiles mean? Read more
  • Blocking/unblocking a user

    How do you block/unblock a user? Read more
  • Reporting a user

    How do you report a user? Read more
  • Adjusting the visibility of your profile

    How do you activate the contact filter and incognito mode? Read more
  • Taking a break

    How do you deactivate your profile? Read more


Resources for information and support
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Resources for information and support


Need help?

In this section, we have put together a list of public services to help you in emergencies.


Here are the resources available:


National Sexual Health Helpline: / 1800 700 700

National Domestic Abuse Helpline: / 1800 341 900

Rape Crisis National Helpline: / 1800 778 888

Modern Slavery Helpline: / 01 889 7570

LGBT Ireland: / 1800 929 539

Crime Victims Helpline (Cybercrime and Fraud): / 116 006

Samaritans: / 116 123

National Stalking Helpline: / 1800 496 496

CrimeStoppers: / 1800 250 025

BeLonGTo: / 01 670 6223

ISPCC: / 01 234 2000